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Writing Update: Malice of Childhood

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Jonas and Ilsa were both looking to me, as though I should do something. So I was relieved when Claire stepped forward and stood over them like a boxing referee, but she allowed it to continue a little longer as her brother's cries got more desperate. Only when he went silent did she put a hand on Ewa's shoulder and say her name. Ewa swung her arm around to break Claire's grip off her, then swung down again upon Samuel. Claire stepped back, gathered herself, then stepped forward and gripped Ewa's neck, pulled her back and upright, and locked her arm around Ewa, who flailed in response. Claire knew a thing or two about breaking up fights. 

I had an excellent writing session today. One of the challenges I've been struggling with is trying to capture the relationships between the children within the community, making them behave like real children and not just tiny adults. There's a fascinating world of secrets, alliances, and betrayals, but it's anchored in a genuine love for one-another.

A couple days ago, Janine and I watched Where the Wild Things Are. While the greatest appeals to the film are the costumes, cinematography, and soundtrack, I also appreciated the writing; it seemed to me to be a very honest and real interpretation of how relationships within a family would unfold if we were all as uncensored as children. The anger, envy, and violence is all rooted in love. And in particular, I loved that Max had this idea that they could have a big fight and work out all their emotions that way, but that he then did what any kid would do and pick the teams to the best of his advantage and surround himself with his closest friends. I think childhood fights can be cathartic, but only when you fight with your friends and make alliances with your enemies. I also thought that the movie had some interesting things to say about dreams, but I'll save that for another post.

Anyway, I'm trying to channel a little of WtWTA in my writing today, focusing on the malicious edge that children often have, but understand that it comes from a very loving place. I'm happy with the results so far and may revisit earlier passages to make them better reflect what I've written today.

Lens flares!!!

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