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Glen Dresser is a novelist whose first book, Correction Road, was released in 2007 and shortlisted for the W.O. Mitchell City of Calgary book prize. He has also worked as a technical writer, information designer and web developer. He is currently focusing his efforts on his second novel and his first-born son, while assisting with UPPERCASE Magazine

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Writing Update: Familiar Face

Indigo Bookstore

Writing Companion:


We were not far from the cairn, and he and I were indians, hiding from the others, pretending we were one with the trees and the earth. We lay on the ground, bare-chested, necks raised to look through the brush. Our mothers would later wonder over their laundry: why did our white shirts stay so clean while our trousers so stained that they must have buried in the top soil.


At the end of a very busy day, I had a few minutes at an Indigo Bookstore coffee shop. And while I wasn't sure I'd have the energy to write, seeing my book on the shelves there got my creative juices flowing. Ended up being a productive session, as I started on the second part of the book. 

Always a welcome sight

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